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Innomise Technologies is a fast growing IT solutions provider that offers Quality Services, High End Products as well as Solutions that cater to your specific Business Needs. We have been providing e-Governance software solutions to various government organisations since more than 3 years.

There is only one way we define quality. We consider our work to be of good quality only when we know that what we made was exactly what the client wanted or even more.

We realize that the fact ‘change is the only constant’ holds true and cuts across all forms of businesses. It is the route we have taken to bring value to our customers, by constantly evolving and improving the solutions that we offer.

Our Mission is to bring Disruptive Innovation in the e - Governance Sector of India by providing Cost-Effective, User-Friendly, Innovative and Optimized Software Solutions to Government Organizations.

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e - Governance

In e-Governance, Innomise aims to connect information, processes, people and technology with our innovative software solutions resulting in good governance.

Intelligent Works Management System

Intelligent Works Management System (IWMS) is a Web-based Automated and Intelligent System for Estimation, DTP, e-MB, e-Billing, Works Monitoring, Works Management and Contract Management of various works.

e - MB & e - Billing EcoSystem

e-MB & e-Billing Ecosystem is a web based application through which a Measurement Book(MB) and other Bill forms are generated, checked, finalized and stored using a computer system in an effective and efficient manner.

Works Monitoring System

Works Monitoring System monitors the physical and financial progresses of all construction activities in the works department undertaken by its various field divisions under state budget and other funds.

Document Digitization System

Document Digitization is a systematic process through which physical documents are converted into digital form. Documents converted into digital form can be archived, retrieved, and shared with other users easily, safely, and at minimum cost.

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Our Services

The world of web is dynamic and ever changing… we work hard to keep pace with it and bring you the best there is in web development services. In this section we give you a peak into the web and mobile services areas that we cover through our dedicated strategic business units. We have wide canvas of services that have been grouped under for your viewing. We will be happy to understand your requirement or pain area and convert that into a business proposition unlocking value for what you do.

Business Application Development

With innovative and creative solution to the problem and diverse prospective, we are likely to come up with the best solution.

Web Development

Nowadays world has changed completely in perspective of web technology and to survive here, it is vital having great web presence. We develop the web applications and attractive websites that help our customers to grow their business.

Mobile App Development

Solutions for the Mobile world, from mobile web to mobile application development and mobile GUI, our mobile solutions will excite.

E-Commerce Solutions

From helping you decide on the right technology to developing intuitive product catalogues to merchant accounts and security implementation, we will take care of it all.

Mission & Values


Our mission is to deliver maximum business value to its customers by designing, developing, implementing and maintaining efficient and high quality software solutions aligned with their most essential business needs.


Our values include client and employee satisfaction and business responsibilities, efforts to foster the development of healthy business environments, as well as the use of industry’s best practices to unleash the potential of our employees, create trust and increase operational efficiency.

Our Clients

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