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ICON Turnkey Ventures LLP is a company which works for client from concept to completion of project. We have extended into the area of project execution to implement state of the art technology.

We provide complete turnkey contracting solutions including the civil & MEP work

We help you procure & construct the facility in a state ready for operation and to a standard which meets pre – set performance specifications.

We at ITV aim at provide one stop solution to the client. We support client for preparation of project proposal for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, IT, Food, Agriculture and Infrastructure projects.

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ITV Services

Our Purpose is to help Industries from Concept, Commissioning & Delivery.

Turn - Key Contracting Civil & MEP Works

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and energy efficient engineering sets us apart in our field − providing our clients with the right solution for their PEB structure needs.

Plant Layout & Process Improvement

Process Layout Optimisation service that will simplify your process flow, minimise product & personnel movement, optimise stocks, ease access for production, maintenance, cleaning.

Utility Services

According to process planning we are Designing and Erection utility requirements like Compressed Air, Water, Oil and Fire hydrant System.


Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve Customer Satisfaction by Providing Quality Products on time, which is achieve by Employee involvement with Team Work, Effective utilization of Resources and Continually Improving the Effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Superior Quality Raw Material

ITV Uses superior quality raw material for the manufacturing process. ITV also provides the Test certifcates of these materials for complete satisfaction of its valuable customers.

Superior & Advanced Technology

ITV boasts of using latest technology and ingeniously engineered machines to manufacture its prime quality products.

Skilled & Talented Employees

ITV employs intellect and smart human resources for strategic and quality management . The company continuously starves to create quality consciousness among its employees.

Strategy - Plan - Build


Our strategic approach allows us to develop pre engineered building with improved look and feel. We follow a customized process for every single structural engineering project.


Our Project planning is often used to organize different areas of a project, including project plans, work loads and the management of teams and individuals.


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Our Esteemed Clients

Kokan Railway Corporation Limited, Mumbai
Jayashree Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Sanissa Wai, Satara
Jayashree Exports Pvt. Ltd. Pune
MG - 23 Savardhari
M/S Swaraj Agro Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Jayashree polymers Fuel Tube Plant, Pune
M/S Premier Seals Pvt. Ltd. Pune
M/S Skytech Stamping Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Yashada Project, Pune
Kudale Project, Tathawade
Gurulaxmi Auto, Pune
Ashtekar Project, Tathawade
Anmol Engineering, Pune
Vintage Flow Control Equipment, Pune
Adroit Corporation, pune
Kunjan Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Pragati Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Engicon Industries Pvt. Ltd. Pune
Skytech Stamping Phase - III, Pune
Saki Auto Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur
Ethnic Food Pvt. Ltd. pune
Krushna Profile Pvt. Ltd. Pune

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